I’m Erin Marie!

They say it’s nice to start things like this with something vulnerable, that way your audience can feel closer to you. Well, here it is. I’m addicted to peanut butter.

You think I’m joking, but it’s a real problem. Maybe not bad enough to be on that one tv show “weird addictions” or whatever it’s called.. but I HAVE to eat peanut butter in some way, every day. K, are we closer yet?

Now for the real introduction… I’m Erin.
I’m a Creator, a friend, a part-time photographer and most of all, I’m trying to be an influence for good in this world.

To me, happiness is a choice. But I’m not sure if it’s a choice everyone has the option to make. What I mean is.. we all come from different circumstances and backgrounds, and it’s important to find and choose your own happiness. But sometimes it’s hard to find it when you have a really hard day, or when life just totally stinks right now.

And well, that’s what I’ll be here for. I want to be your happiness if there’s nothing else you have to believe in. Because honestly, I believe in you. And once there’s someone to believe in you, the way you see yourself begins to change. So, let’s be friends, and I hope my words can offer you just the right pick-me-up when you need it most.

You see, I grew up in really rough circumstances. And happiness wasn’t something I believed would ever be an option for me. But when I started seeing people differently, choosing differently, acting differently, and believing in happier things? It changed everything.

Why am I doing this, you ask? I started sharing my experiences and thoughts on social media a few years ago. And almost daily, people send me messages about the difference my words are making for them. So it’s time to share them with you, too. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

This is the token life. This is my life. And these are the tokens of joy I find each day. Let me help you find the ones in yours.

All my love,

Erin Marie

Feel free to browse through some photos and blog posts, or shoot me a follow on my social channels above and let’s be friends! 🙂