A Word for the Broken Hearted

As human beings, we were created to learn, feel, and grow. That means growing in understanding, knowledge, physical characteristics, emotional maturity, and the capacity to love.

I truly believe that the very purpose of this life is for us to learn how to fail, how to feel, how to be broken… and then to experience the powerful sensation of standing back up again, being rebuilt and changed into something stronger than what we ever could have become without those experiences.

Whether you need healing from the loss of a loved one, an ended relationship, a physical defect, someone else’s poor choices, or simply the feeling of failure or disappointment.. I want you to know one thing.

This is not the end.

Accept the fact that darkness, rejection and failure exists, but know that you do not have to dwell there. Because in case you didn’t already know..

LIGHT also exists. And light is exactly what this road is leading you to.

Tomorrow is a new day. And new days mean new beginnings, and new beginnings mean opportunities to change and embrace life in a completely new way.

Tomorrow is your day to choose to do things differently, so you can actually experience the joy that we were designed to find in this life.

I know it’s hard to see it right now, or to believe in the hope that someday you’ll get what you want and it’ll all be different. But it will, and I’m telling you now I know it’s true.

You are experiencing exactly what you were placed here to experience. Don’t be afraid of it, don’t feel embarrassed or weak, but especially, don’t let it destroy you.

Your heart may be broken, but it’s still beating.

I know how it feels to compare yourself to other people, to be rejected, or let down from wanting something you can’t have, or having something you love be taken away. It’s a lonely road, I know. But take a second to look around you.

There are people who still love you. There are people who need you, people who look to you and rely on you for strength. And there are people yet to know you. And guess what? The more broken and weak moments you have, the greater the ability you’ll have to build the people around you.

Take courage, take time for yourself and learn to be confident in the fact that you have the capacity to feel something. That is the only way you are going to progress.

I’m not saying you have to choose to be happy, or find reasons to be happy. Because sometimes that’s a really thing hard to do.

One of my favorite quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland says,

Your best chance for being happy is to do the things that happy people do.  Live the way happy people live.  Walk the path that happy people walk.  And your chances to find joy in unexpected moments, to find peace in unexpected places, to find the help of angels when you didn’t even know they knew you existed, improves exponentially.”

Happiness may not be an option right now, but it’s out there, so chase after it.

Now, do one last thing for me.

Take a deep breath, place your hand on your heart, and tell yourself exactly the things you would want someone to tell you right now…

You are not worthless. You are loved. You are important. You are valued.

You are strong. You have done hard things before, and you can do them again.

This will not break you.


Now let go… 

I believe in you.

All my love,

Erin Marie

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